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How To Read Tire Sizes

For example, a tire with velocity rating “S” is rated for up to 112 mph, while a tire rated “R” is up to 106 mph. Of course, you must always observe legal speed limits on roadways. Radial development means the tire’s inner ply cords are oriented in a radial direction, from one bead over to the opposite, primarily perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Assuming they’re the correct size, you can find tire dimension data on the sidewall of your present tires. However, regardless of where you find your tire measurement, you will have to decipher a sequence of numbers and letters. Installing the right tires in your automobile is important to the general performance and security of your car.

You could not notice this until you hammer the brakes going into a slippery nook and slide off into a hedge. Magnesium wheel fires are still singled out in firefighting courses right now, as taking a water hose to a burning magnesium wheel solely makes it burn extra intensely. These earlier magnesium wheels didn’t get a lot use exterior of racing because of these on-street liabilities. Wide rear wheel on a 1968 Dodge Charger, an instance of a staggered wheel fitment.

  • Big wheels aren’t simply the domain of efficiency lovers trying to match larger brakes and tires anymore.
  • This is completed to maintain the general diameter of the tire the identical as stock to ensure the identical clearances are achieved.
  • In our example, the load index is 89, which indicates the tire has a load capacity of 1,279 kilos.
  • Offset also impacts the scrub radius of the steering and it is advisable to remain within the limits allowed by the automobile manufacturer.

Here’s an explainer on what all of the sidewall numbers and letters mean. Choose one of many options under to enter your car details. Please observe that pricing and companies provided may range by location. If you modify your VEHICLE/TIRE SIZE, the products https://sizewheeltire.com/chevrolet-corvette-wheel-and-tire-sizes/ in your cart shall be eliminated. Adding a new tire will take away the one that you just already selected. Treadwear gradesare primarily based on standardized authorities tests to help predict the expected treadwear of a tire.

Guide To How Long A Tire Lasts

There are extra possibilities and selections in metric tires so the use of a tire measurement calculator could be very helpful. Use our tire measurement calculator to calculate the diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile of any tire. Just type in a metric or standard size tire and click on calculate. Calculate metric or inch tire specs and compare to alternate tire sizes. View dimension results with our tire visualizer and aspect by side comparability including speedometer error using the comparison tab. For more rim dimensions and sufficient tire dimensions try out our Tire dimension for rim dimension/width calculator which tells you what tire sizes to select – for any rim dimension. Did you know that the United States is one of the only nations in the world that doesn’t use the metric system as a national normal?

Beyond these alloys, there are actually ultra-light-weight carbon-fiber wheels, but those are still far dearer than an alloy set. Some of the most typical BCD values are 100 mm (≈3.ninety four inches), 112 mm (≈4.forty one inches), and 114.three mm (4.5 inches). Over the years, over 30 different bolt patterns have been utilized by automotive manufacturers, with most of the completely different bolt patterns being incompatible with each other. This means there are 5 bolts evenly spaced a few 100 mm bolt circle. The wheel measurement for a motorcar or related wheel has numerous parameters.

wheel and tire sizes

In case of improper set up the big rear wheel could rub suspension or wheel arches. Wheel/tire packages come mounted and balanced, with all essential hardware included,able to bolt on.

Tire Warranties

The design of tuner lug nuts can vary from bit style to multisided or spline drive, and are typically light-weight for efficiency functions. The image to the proper is an example of a 5×100 bolt pattern on a Subaru BRZ. The wheel has 5 lug nuts and utilizes a a hundred mm bolt circle diameter.


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