I’ve Insourced My Outsourcing

outsourcing for startups

High quality, safe and tested web development
We help to solve business challenges with modern technologies to our clients. We know how to develop successful projects.

Our focus is:

– High-loaded E-commerce systems

– ERP, CRM, SAAS systems
– Single page application

– Mobile-friendly apps
– UI/UX solutions
– BB platforms

– Integration with third-party services

– MVP development for start-ups

We strong at:

– Server side: PHP (Laravel, ModX Revo)

– Client side: Javascript, Angular, Ionic, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3.

– Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

– Servers: Amazon AWS, Apache, Nginx;

– Version control: Git, bitbucket.org

– Deploy: Capistrano

business process outsourcing startups

I don’t know about you but I find writing compelling and attractive copy online or possibly a catalogue or a brochure one of the hardest things to accomplish. I think that my copywriting skills would not be in a position to attract a man to water even if he was dying with first. Luckily for ‘writing impaired’ people like me you will find there’s solution and that option is to outsource my copy to someone considerably more qualified. Freelance writers devoted to from ad copy to technical writing are ready, willing, and capable to take on any project. If you’re much like me and writing isn’t your thing, otherwise you simply don’t possess time to tackle it yourself, then getting a freelance writer is really a lots of sense.If you possess a lending business, you actually have a very mortgage processor or maybe a quantity of processors who perform every one of the above duties. While having internal staff is traditionally fine, today many banks, finance companies and home loans are shifting to outsourcing. They are purchasing the services associated with an external mortgage processor. Would you like to know why they are doing this? They have found out that an outsourced worker is a lot more reliable during difficult and favorable economic times.

24 hour call services – Calling center services include a twenty-four hours a day call answering service. Therefore you can be assured that there can be someone willing to answer customers call at any time of nite and day.
Save on costs – The equipment needed to handle the flood of calls is extremely expensive. When you outsource these facilities, not only will you save millions of dollars nevertheless, you will likely save on the cost of recruiting and employees members. Hence outsourcing the skills could save you money and increase your overall profits in the long run.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Services

2. Fly by night SEO agencies offering freebies and cheap SEO: Many firms claim to are suffering from tools that do automatic SEO. Some other agencies make an attempt to get business by offering SEO at extremely low costs. However, how effective both these types of SEO are can’t be told. Many experts aren’t sure regarding how effective both these practices are. In most with the cases, when SEO firms have offered suprisingly low cost SEO or tool based SEO, it has triggered clients being disappointed with all the results and spending additional money on clearing the mess created.Ride with a growing market: There are always two choices – stick with a dying technique and miss the opportunity or latch to an expanding system and thrive by using it. Traditional contacting fixed lines is starting to become outdated as more and more people go mobile. Telemarketers must shift their focus towards the mobile market.


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