Top 10 International Payment Gateways

Overall, it’s definitely one of the top payment methods for you to use on your ecommerce site. Additionally, Stripe offers customized pricing options for those of you who have a unique business model or have large volume payments. You’ll get discounts for volume and multi-product rates, as well as some country-specific rates if you’re targeting an international market. The distinction between this and Payoneer is that 2Checkout will actually facilitate payment processing via typical ecommerce methods such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, and more. This allows you to accept payments for all major credit cards in every country across 135+ currencies.

  • The company emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, offers lower rates for nonprofits and donates money to various charitable organizations.
  • Google Pay facilitates monetary transactions for free, from your mobile or desktop device.
  • Its membership-based pricing and wholesale rates help keep your processing costs in check, which is why we chose Payment Depot as our best pick for high volume.
  • Processing fees vary by the method of payment, but the firm uses Interchange pricing, with an additional transaction fee.

The flat-rate pricing can be expensive if your business has a high sales volume. You can make recurring payments and send invoices with Paysafe. Stripe is an industry newcomer and handles billions of dollars for 100,000 plus businesses globally. Known as a complete e-commerce toolkit, Stripe currently serves 25 countries with worldwide global expansion plans to all countries to be completed shortly.

Payment Depot: Best For Low

You can back your business with powerful tools using QuickBooks Payments, paired with Intuit’s best-in-class accounting software. Depending on the size of your transactions, this payment method could be expensive for your small business. Well-known marketplaces such as Lyft, Kickstarter, choose Stripe thanks to its reliability, convenience, and easy integration with other services. 1.Chase QuickAccept is only available within the Chase Mobile® app on select mobile devices and is not available in U.S. territories or outside the U.S. Usage of QuickAccept is subject to eligibility and further review.

Fair But Affordable Processing Fee

We then researched these vendors and narrowed our list down based on different use-case scenarios (i.e., the best picks categories). Now, paying for purchases as small as $50 in installments is all the rage. Known as Buy Now Pay Later , it has become a preferred payment method for a growing number of consumers. It doesn’t hurt that shoppers tend to spend more going this route. Now, it’s a convenience many consumers have grown accustomed to. Billions of people spend hours each day checking their Facebook or Instagram feeds and logging on to Google.

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By doing this, you can ensure you come out on top of the transaction, since it makes more financial sense to pay the fee on a $10 purchase than a $2 one. The major credit card networks have rules about minimum transaction amounts, so verify that your policy complies with their rules. National Processing is our best pick for low transaction rates because it charges interchange-plus rates that beat many of its competitors. Its inventory-and order-management tools help you meet demand now and predict future orders, and its e-commerce store enables you to sell products online for free.


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